Flash flooding forced campers to move quickly after heavy rains fell Monday (Aug. 26) morning in West St. Louis County, Mo., according to FOX 2. 

Corry Schulz said he was startled by banging on his RV door. He answered the door to find an employee from the St. Louis West/Historic Route 66 Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Holiday in Pacific, there to warn him about a flash flood.

Water was already flowing past the steps leading up to his door, he said. Schulz rushed to move his Jeep to higher ground, then came back to get his RV.

He said the water had risen about two feet during that short time. He contemplated abandoning his RV, but, instead, he worked quickly to disconnect the RV and back up the hill away from the water.

Schulz is in the process of moving to a new home in Wildwood, and he is staying in his RV in the interim. Several of his belongings got caught in the current like bicycles and a grill.

“I probably should’ve just thrown it away, but I think now every time that I use that, I’ll have a story to tell.,” Schulz said.

He said he can laugh about it now because, fortunately, no one at the campgrounds was injured. He gives credit to the woman who alerted him and many others about the danger.

“That woman that was running around waking everybody up, she was really the key, or there would’ve been loss of life,” he said.

Campground owner, Josh Bell, said they have been mostly unaffected by recent flood events. However, he said the Fox Creek was higher Monday morning than he has ever seen it before.

Of the 100 campsites on the grounds, Bell said a quarter of them were affected, and about eight to 10 were “very affected” by the flash flood. Several picnic tables had been carried by the current and were overturned near the creek.

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