RV campers are turning to WhereCanICampNow.com to find RV parks and campgrounds accepting new guests during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release.

With hundreds of state, county and federal parks closing to guests, there are about one million full time and seasonal RV campers searching for a safe spot to stay as they ride out this national health emergency, according to Mark Koep, founder and CEO of CampgroundViews.com, the company that launched WhereCanICampNow.com.

The site lists several hundred RV parks and campgrounds that have “virtually” offered a place of refuge for these RV dwellers.

“As full-time RVers ourselves we know the pain that this uncertainty is causing and we decided to help,” stated Koep. He added “we leveraged our connections within the industry to allow park owners to quickly raise their hand and say we are able to take you in.”

The domain name WhereCanICampNow.com redirects users to a search filter page within CampgroundViews.com that lists all the parks who stepped up to provide site availability for self-contained RVers.

“We are an essential business and serve as a home base for workers and professionals in the area,” noted Ryan Uhles, owner of River Run RV Park in Bakersfield, Calif. “We have created special operational rules making our park a suitable option for someone to “stay at home” when their home is on wheels.”

River Run RV Park is one of several hundred RV parks and campgrounds nationwide who are banding together to support the RVing community.

“In times of crisis, everyone needs resources and information to support their decision making. We are doing what we can to help and hope that WhereCanICampNow.com is useful for folks needing a spot to park during this crisis,” added Koep.

RVers looking for a place to ride out the emergency are encouraged to visit WhereCanICampNow.com to find a nearby location. RV parks or campgrounds are also encouraged to add their availability by claiming their park, at the same domain name, and verifying they are taking appropriate steps to protect against the spread of the virus.

For information on Campgroundviews.com contact Koep at (805) 341-3828 or email [email protected]