Logo MCPS RegularMerchants Choice Payment Solutions (MCPS), a provider of payment-processing services to the campground sector, announced that it plans to expand its reach to the hotel and bed-and-breakfast industries in California..

Deb Kohls will head up west coast operations for MCPS and its new hotel-focused subsidiary, HotelStar PS, the company announced.

Deb Kohls

Deb Kohls

“Deb lives in California,” said Art Lieberman, president of MCPS. He and Deanne Bower, the company’s vice president,  “were wondering how to launch a marketing campaign to acquire new customers for our hotel/motel/bed-and-breakfast credit card processing company. Deb became the obvious solution.”

Kohls has experience working with campgrounds and hotels and reservation software companies.

Her plans are for an aggressive marketing strategy to familiarize the hotel industry with the 11 years of experience that MCPS has had in the campground industry, having obtained nearly 600 customers and producing revenues exceeding $75 million a year.

During the next few weeks, Lieberman and Bower said they will be training Kohls in the unique services offered by the companies. Although Kohls is perfect for the Pennsylvania-based MCPS regarding hotels, she also will be helpful in increasing the customer base for campgrounds on the West Coast.

“With the new requirements of PCI (payment card industry) and EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) compliance for the hospitality industry, I have become increasingly more aware how important the integration of payment systems is to the enterprise software systems to establish cost savings, efficiency and competitiveness,” said Kohls. “I’m excited to partner with MCPS to extend services.”

California is only a small portion of the area covered. Kohls will be responsible for marketing for Alaska, Washington and Oregon and then further inland to most of the states in the Mountain time zone.

“It’s quite an expansive market,” Kohls said, “but one I am very familiar with. My experience in software systems provides the background and knowledge of how business processes can be improved including a good payment solution that not only improves efficiencies but also saves time and money.”

“We’ve worked very successfully in the past with Deb,” said Bower, “and I look forward to cooperating on this new venture.”