Kottage RV interior and exterior views.

Kottage RV today (May 25) announced it is developing a new concept for a luxurious park model.

Kelowna, British Columbia-based Kottage RV has wrapped a luxurious park model interior and exterior around the strength and durability of an ISO shipping container.

“We are the first to try and commercialize this type of product within the RV Industry,” Lucas Griffin, president of Kottage RV, stated in a news release.

“Right now we are looking to partner with people who have connections to rental dealers of park models in order to find out how well our products will be received,” said Griffin. “We just opened up a sales office two weeks ago and have had developers of destination RV parks, resort owners and a steady stream of people express interest in our units.”

Griffin said he is looking for some input as to how the company should go about selling products to rental dealers so they can lease them out to RV parks that want to move from a traditional RV parks into a destination RV resort.

Kottage RV offers a 15-year warranty and a 5-year “no leak” warranty. The units are made with a solid steel structure that offers incredible strength — especially when compared to a typical park model’s wood and aluminum construction, said Griffin.

“This means our units stand up to the elements, whether they are high winds, earthquakes, fire or even falling tree branches. They also offer outstanding security,” he explained.

With numerous exterior finishes and colors and a variety of interior design options, Kottage RV provides the opportunity for RV parks to create a unique product perfectly suited to their needs, he added.

Full customization is available on multi-unit orders.

For more information, call Griffin at (855) 568-8243 or visit www.kottagerv.com.