RV with meEdmonton, Alberta, RV enthusiast Scott Krupa has launched a new website for RVers in Canada, according to a written announcement. RVwithMe.com is an online community for RV owners and land owners in Alberta and across Canada and the United States that allows people to list land available and RVs available for rent.

The site not only features complete RV park listings, it also encourages land owners to list any space they have available for boondocking in the summer months and RV storage in the winter months. RVers can have a less cramped and quieter stay on private land, while land owners make money for allowing people to share their space. They can also have a tailor made experience that they may not be able to get in a large RV park.

“RVers will be able to find the the right host for their needs, from riding horses to getting a ride in a tractor to picking grapes. The options will be limitless for RVers and will match any budget,” said Krupa.

The site also offers RV rental listings for those that are not quite ready to commit to a new RV, or want to try it out before buying.

RVwithME offers quick and easy search, booking and payment functions to ensure that there are no issues when collecting payment. Krupa also promises quality assurance – all RV sites are worth the visits. Membership on the site is free.

Krupa started out in the RV industry more than two decades ago building RV parks in Alberta. After discovering the Airbnb model of travel and hospitality, he decided to unveil a new side to RVing that he thinks will revolutionize the experience.