Council members in Westlake, La., in a 3-2 vote, upheld the city’s zoning board denial of a rezoning request for a property the owner hoped to use for an RV park, the Sulphur Daily News reported.

The property’s owner, Arnold Basco, expressed his displeasure over the decision that night.

“How can you say that you are against an RV park when it brings money into the city and the city is broke?” he asked the council.

Council member Skeeter Hayes pointed out that the zoning board, which heard objections from neighbors, unanimously voted against the move.

“If it had been a close vote, then maybe we should look at it again,” Hayes said. “Otherwise, why do we have the board?”

Councilman Kenny Brown, who was one of the two dissenting votes, stated his belief that people are under the mistaken view that the RV park would be a ‘man camp.’ He praised Basco for the work he had done to clean up the property.

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