Two new campsites on the lakeshore in Manitowoc County, Wis., are giving kayakers a place to spend the night, television station WLUK reported.

The sites are located in Point Beach State Forest near Two Rivers, and are accessible from Lake Michigan.

The effort is part of a plan to create a water trail around Lake Michigan.

John Browning and Ken Braband said the new kayak-friendly campsites are easy to find.

“They’re far enough away from the beach, that you’re sheltered from the wind. You can see it well from the water too. That’s important the way they got the signage marked,” said Braband of the Lake Michigan Water Trail Project.

Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring.

Browning, also of the Lake Michigan Water Trail Project, said it will take at least a couple more years to complete the trail.

“One of these days, we’ll have campsites every five to ten miles along the lakeshore for kayakers, canoers, sailboarders who will be able to circumnavigate the lake,” said Browning.

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