A Lake Tahoe campground development project near Tahoe Vista, Calif., was put on hold by regulators after two conservation groups raised concerns over how much land structures will cover.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) halted any land disturbance at the Sandy Beach project site in Tahoe Vista until the issues can be resolved, agency spokesman Dennis Oliver said, according to the San Jose Mercury News.
The bistate agency took the action on Nov. 24 after receiving a letter from the League to Save Lake Tahoe and the Friends of Tahoe Vista alleging potential irregularities in the amount of legal existing coverage.
The groups have complained about the project’s density. Tahoe Vista Partners wants to build 39 timeshare units and six homes on the present 6.25-acre site of the Sandy Beach Campground just off Highway 28.
TRPA will not acknowledge project permits until an investigation is completed into the amount of land structures will cover, Oliver said.
“It is fairly complicated, but I think we’ll have this resolved sometime in December or January,” Oliver told the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza.
The project has won approval from both TRPA and Placer County supervisors.
In October, California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi sent a letter to TRPA expressing his concerns about the transfer of Tourist Accommodation Units for the project.
He said TAUs were intended to apply to 300 square-foot buildings such as the cabins currently at the campground, but were being “distorted” to allow for 3,000-square-foot timeshares.