Campgrounds in Louisiana for the most part dodged a bullet when Hurricane Barry hit the Gulf Coast in mid-July, according to Lisa Thibodaux, executive director of the Louisiana Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (LARVC).

“The anticipation of what was supposed to happen didn’t happen,” she said. “The storm wasn’t well-defined, so the only complaint I got was that it ruined a great summer weekend.”

Thibodaux told WOODALLSCM.com (WCM) that the association is hearing good things from its members, as the 2019 season seems to be a busy one for most.

“I haven’t heard anyone say their park isn’t filling up,” she noted. “In the southwestern part of the state those parks are seeing a lot of workers coming in. They will stay for months at a time.”

Thibodaux said that the state has around 250 parks in it, and the association currently has 65 members.

“So, there is still a lot for us to go after,” she noted.

While the association does not have a paid lawyer or lobbyist on staff, it still works to keep an eye on legislative issues that may impact owners in the state.

“We work with the Louisiana Tourism Association and they help inform us when something pops up that we need to know about,” Thibodaux explained.

She said that the association does get phone calls from its members on local taxes quite often, as some parishes in the state have or are seeking to implement occupation taxes.

“We do submit letters of support or non-support on behalf of the association for some things, letting officials know how other areas of the state have handled things and our own position on the matter,” Thibodaux said.

Looking to the future, LARVC hopes to continue to build its membership and is focused on creating an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant website.