People in an RV park in Mercedes, Texas, are nervous about water on their streets.

Two drainage gates on a levee are leaking. The water is going into the Llano Grande RV Park below the levee, KRGV-TV, Rio Grande Valley, reported.

Three hundred Winter Texans live in the park year-round. They say the dirty, smelly water is still on their streets after a week. They say nobody is telling them why it’s there or when it will go away.

“I’ve lived here for four years, even when we had Hurricane Dolly and we had water, we’ve never seen this,” said homeowner Sherrie Weaver.

Weaver is one of 300 year round homeowners at Llano Grande. The park fills up to 2,000 people when the Winter Texans come back.

The homeowners are worried the water could make them sick.

“What’s in it? What kind of bacteria is it harboring? Is there any danger to those of us especially elderly people with weakened immune systems? Is there anything in here that’s going to harm us?” asked Weaver.

Weaver said crews pumped the water all last week. It’s still here.

The International Boundary and Water Commission owns the levee. A spokeswoman told the Tv station two drainage gates on the levee started leaking and seeped into the RV park.

The spokeswoman couldn’t say why the gates started leaking. She says workers have the water flow under control now. The water didn’t get into any of the homes.