Leisure Interactive LLC, a leading outdoor recreation reservation and property management software as a service provider, announced it would not seek to extend its strategic alliance agreement with the California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (CalARVC) effective Aug. 1, 2013.

LI and CalARVC entered into the agreement in August, 2002 with the goal of delivering exceptional value for CalARVC members and helping to advance technology in the campground and RV Park sector, according to a LI news release. In addition to discounts and enhanced exposure for CalARVC members, LI provided the association with free reservation software and hosting for Camp-California.com.

In October 2007, LI announced significant strategic changes with the introduction of Hercules – a comprehensive suite of software to manage reservations and front office operations. This continued strategic focus has ultimately led to the decision to end the alliance. LI will continue to expand its outreach to commercial and public park operators and outfitters.

“We consider our alliance with CalARVC very successful and it has provided both organizations with a variety of benefits,” said Gary Pace, president and CEO of LI. “While we will not have a formal alliance or working relationship with our colleagues and friends at CalARVC, we are committed to continuing to provide CalARVC members with what we think is the best campground management software in the industry. Plus, we remain supportive and invested in many of the initiatives of CalARVC. This decision is purely about focusing our resources on the continued build-out of our software for individual operators and outdoor recreation systems.“

“We are really proud of the Hercules product and the level of customer satisfaction we have among users,” said Ron Medenwald, vice president of customer experience at LI. “Recently, a poll of LI customers was conducted by CalARVC and 70% of Hercules customers would recommend our software with direct settlement to other operators. By consolidating our strategic direction to focus more fully on meeting the needs of campground and recreation system operators, we fully expect that the next time a poll is conducted we will exceed the 70% mark.”

“Since inception of the agreement in August 2002, CalARVC and LI have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship,” according to Debbie Sipe, executive director of CalARVC. “We have learned a lot from each other over the years and LI and CalARVC remain committed to enhancing the camping lifestyle in California. It is likely we will find our organizations working side-by-side in the future.”

LI has offered to provide the same level of service for CalARVC on a month-to-month basis to help the Association with a smooth transition to a new service provider. Benefits to members remain unchanged.