Marcus Lemonis (left) has some harsh words with dog store owner Andrew Rosenthal. Photo courtesy of CNBC

LA Dogworks founder Andrew Rosenthal can be seen cuddling with a gorgeous German Shepherd on the website for his dog boarding and training center.

But Rosenthal seems to have a meaner, more explosive side to him — and it’s making his employees miserable, the Huffington Post reported. For reasons we can’t understand, this poisonous boss has opened his dysfunctional doors to CNBC Prime’s “The Profit,” a makeover show for struggling business in which Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis uses a critical eye to determine how to save small companies from going under.

In a clip from Tuesday’s (Aug. 27) episode, a sad employee explains that he needs more compassion from Rosenthal when dogs bite him — instead of what he did get, which was a flurry of angry f-bombs.

“That’s not what I said, you ffffrickin’ moron!” screams Rosenthal, who seems to struggle when trying not to curse.

In another clip, Lemonis confronts Rosenthal about the terrible way he treats his company’s most precious resource: the employees. Things get heated when Rosenthal sneers about Lemonis’ own personal company, Camping World. Incredibly, Rosenthal insists that he’s changed for the better, while accusing Lemonis of stirring the pot.

Actually, everything’s personal for Lemonis. “The Profit” is a makeover show that puts $2 million of the host’s own money on the line, buying him a piece of the business (and profits) that he must then salvage.

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