Marcus Lemonis

In an effort to continue his mission of paying it forward following his own success, Marcus Lemonis, known for his long-running hit show CNBC’s “The Profit” and as the CEO of RV retailing giant Camping World, is launching both The Lemon-Aid Foundation and The Business Learning Center to provide resources to the many struggling businesses and individuals during these challenging times, according to a press release.

Lemonis’ new website – www.marcuslemonis.com – launches today (Oct. 28) and includes a section, The Business Learning Center, developed as an absolutely free business tool with countless guidance resources for entrepreneurs. The site will also include The Business of Life section, which will help people understand how to make the best use of their money – from applying for student loans to buying your first car or home. The website is dedicated to helping individuals with their own success in business and in life, the release states.

“I have dedicated my life to working with small businesses and understand the urgent need for both financial and educational resources,” said  Lemonis. “Business leaders have a responsibility to empower other entrepreneurs so that they can flourish and succeed in today’s world. Our best and only option is to support each other and I implore others to join me in the cause.”

Lemonis is also launching The Lemon-Aid Foundation, with the plan to roll out the program by end of the year, and pledged $50 million to champion his charitable mission of supporting and investing in underserved communities and small businesses. These investments will be in the form of loans and equity investments and will be designed to have a measurable charitable impact on the communities and businesses being served by the foundation. The foundation also intends to make grants to other charitable organizations that share the same mission and goals. Lemonis intends to apply the same type of rigor that he applies in his own investments to the impact investing of the foundation.

Marcus will also launch his first podcast, which will focus on speaking with influential business leaders to hear their stories and help give direction to small business entrepreneurs, all in an effort to provide additional resources to many struggling businesses. The first episode with Charles Barkley will be available at The Business Learning Center.