Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis, chairman and CEO of Good Sam Enterprises LLC, says it’s important to recognize the crucial role played by private RV parks and campgrounds in ensuring that RV enthusiasts enjoy their travels.

In a letter published in the October issue of Highways, the official magazine of 1.3 million Good Sam members, Lemonis encourages members to “Get Out and Travel” and thoroughly enjoy North America’s campgrounds.

“The country’s campgrounds are an essential part of an enjoyable RV experience,” writes Lemonis. “It often escapes us that without them, our lifestyle would be more difficult to enjoy, it would be harder to see this great land and quite frankly less fun. These parks work tirelessly to be prepared and deliver a quality experience.”

Lemonis’ letter is underscored by a recent survey of 30,000 Good Sam members conducted by the University of Florida. The study revealed that Good Sam members look to private parks to deliver a safe, secure and quality camping experience. The survey also indicated that safety and security were ranked among the most important camping facility criteria, and 90 percent of members expressed that they are satisfied with the safety and security found at Good Sam Parks.

“Campgrounds are the backbone of what allows this industry to flourish,” adds Lemonis, “and sending our members to stay at quality RV parks and campgrounds is integral in delivering a great experience to our Good Sam members.”

About 2,000 privately owned and operated Good Sam Parks open their doors to RVers across North America. Lemonis wrote that these RV parks “have committed to delivering not only a high-quality experience but have assured me that they will always strive to make [RVers] happy.”

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