Art Lieberman

The following column is by Art Lieberman.

Long before the bagpipes started their wail at the Northeast Conference on Camping & Trade Show in New Hampshire last week, we knew this was gonna be special. Maybe it was because the vicious winter blizzard that had pummeled the northern tier states had subsided just in time to make the drive more than tolerable, or maybe it was because of the early setup of many exhibitors and the chatter that took place, but something was in the air that said, “this is gonna be exciting.”

The breakfast on Friday (March 17) was great, and thanks to my buddy Peter Pelland for his sponsorship, but I was totally ready for my seminar at 10 a.m.. The audience was curious, enthusiastic and attentive which made the whole hour breeze by. Their questions and applause at the end told me they had appreciated the info. Now I had several hours left before the trade show opened – these are precious times for me. Time to say hello to familiar faces.

There was an air of confidence in the room. Perhaps the storm and its passing had made my fellow exhibitors feel that Spring was indeed approaching: the best of times for the campground industry.

Then the piper started piping (nice touch), the trade show floor opened and the excitement began. Yes, there was an air of optimism in the room, mostly from the campground owners. You could feel they wanted the snow gone and the grass to peek through

During that first day, nearly everyone who had attended my seminar came to the booth. We had prepared flash drives with a .pdf file of the PowerPoint presentation for any of the seminar attendees.

For the next day-and-a-half, there was hardly a break on the exhibit floor. Many times at trade shows, exhibitors get to hold conversations when there is a lull in the activities in the aisles. There was hardly any times when campground owners were not strolling the aisles. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get to cruise the convention hall myself until the last hour of the exhibits.

As with all of these conventions, most exhibitors cannot assess the business that they did until several weeks after the shows when owners are contacted and actually place their orders or purchase the goods or services. But on face value, the 53rd Northeast Conference was a huge success at least for this exhibitor. Thanks to all those that attended and spoke to us and to NCA Executive Director Cyndy Zbierski and her able cast and crew for a well-run convention.

Art Lieberman is President of MCPS for Campgrounds and has been in the industry for more than 18 years and has been conducting free webinars online and seminars on credit cards in many state and regional conventions. He can be contacted at 877-858-9010 or at rvcreditcards@yahoo.com.