A typical camping weekend turned deadly when a bolt of lightning struck and killed a 42-year-old Hiawatha, Iowa, woman, television station KCRG reported.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources said Rebecca McCarty was with friends and family at Pleasant Creek State Park’s campground when it happened at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday (June 20).

Many campers saw the lightning.

“One bolt of lightning out of that whole storm and it was bright. I was walking out of the restroom when I saw it. I thought it was further away. I didn’t think it was right in the park, but it was,” said camper Bill Lerch.

Now, a small sign near where McCarty died said: ‘Rest in Peace Becky.’

“It occurred right directly, basically, in the center of our campground,” said Pleasant Creek State Park Ranger Carl Fairley.

“I didn’t know what to think,” said camper Mike Arnold.

Arnold said he saw the lightning hit McCarty as she walked from one camp site to another.

“When the lightning hit her it was kind of like a spider web fanning out,” Arnold said.

He said people rushed to help, but no one could save her.

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