Bumblebee Campground in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest will remain closed for the 2015 season, television station KXLY reported.

The decision came from the Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest over safety risks associated with loose limbs in the trees above campsites that could become falling projectiles in the case of a wind event.

Crews evaluate the campground for hazards prior to opening each season. Last summer, crews removed a large number of diseased, dead and dying trees to improve public safety at the Bumblebee Campground site.

During this year’s inspections, numerous, large, loose limbs were discovered in the over-story above the campground’s campsites. A typical winter, including heavy winter storms and higher snow loads, would have most likely dislodged these limbs. However, last year’s mild winter did not provide these needed stresses to clear the over-story of loose tree limbs.

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