LLA Hospitality, a campground and experiential hospitality management company, has rebranded to Team Outsider, according to Josh Weissenstein, co-founder of the company along with Cody Sauer.

LLA Hospitality owns and manages parks across the U.S. and Weissenstein noted in an email to WOODALLSCM.com (WCM) that they decided to rebrand the company to give employees a new name to rally behind and to reflect its commitment to providing a place where “our team members can thrive by bringing their full selves to work each and every day.”

“When we started LLA Hospitality (now Team Outsider), we believed that our guests would come to stay with us because of our campgrounds’ natural beauty, fun amenities, clean restrooms and reliable Wi-Fi.,” noted Weissenstein. “All things we could control by focusing on the physical elements that exist on site. Those features are central to a good guest experience, but they matter much less in the context of our mission: to be the most hospitable team in the world.

“Our thinking has evolved and we thought about what if we could build a company where our guests come to stay with us because of our team?” he added.

The goal he added with the rebrand is to allow team members to highlight and share their natural-born gifts.

Along with the rebrand, Team Outsider has also launched a new webpage. You can learn more by clicking here.