At the Cajun RV Park in Biloxi, Miss., it’s hard to find an open spot these days, television station WLOX reported. More snowbirds are taking the coast out for a spin. That has park managers smiling, knowing the year is off to a bright start.

“Well, this year it’s booming,” Sarah Germaine said. “We’re pretty much sold out of all of the people who are coming down from up north, so we’re pretty much sold out through for January, February and March.”

Why is business so good? The answer can be found at the gas pump for Illinois snowbird Ron Lawless.

“That helps a whole lot when you’re driving a big motor home like we come down here in. Everybody I talk to is really appreciative of the prices being down on fuel,” Lawless said.

It’s not just cheap gas that brings them here. Just ask Michigan snowbird Bruce Vanwingen.

“People are very friendly. They always talk about southern hospitality, and when I finally started heading south, I found that that was really true. People are very, very friendly,” Vanwingen exclaimed.

For some of the snowbirds from up north, the price of gasoline means one thing for them. They can actually extend the visit here and spend even more money on the Gulf Coast. That’s what New York snowbird Mike Noble said.

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