Franklin County commissioners will hear an appeal for a personal property tax abatement for Gordon Dummer’s Camps Inc. in Weld, Maine, according to the Sun Journal of Lewiston.

At the center of the dispute are the recreational campers and structures owned by campers and left at the campground during the off-season. Those items are allowed to be left at no cost to owners, Carolina Gail Shreve, president of Gordon Dummer Camps Inc., wrote.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Tom Skolfield said Friday that the town had asked for updated information several times, including ownership of property on the site as of April 1, 2014, and did not receive it.

Skolfied said assessors do not know who owns the property for the specified tax year because items such as equipment, structures and campers change. They have tried working with the owners of the campground, he said.

Shreve wrote on the original abatement application to the board that the town knows all 144 taxpayers who have property on the campground because it has a list from 2013 taxes paid.

“The reason we are appealing this decision is that this is not legally our tax bill,” Shreve wrote in a letter attached to the appeal. “We’ve owned Dummer’s Beach Campground for over 70 years and for every year prior to this, the town of Weld has billed each camper their tax assessment.”

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