Tremont Town OfficeA public forum organized by a group called Concerned Tremont Residents in Tremont, Maine, was held via Zoom last Thursday (Jan. 6) to discuss possible changes to a land use ordinance (LUO) for campground standards, according to the Mount Desert Islander.

A moratorium that halted all campground development, retroactive to Aug. 2, 2021, was approved by Tremont voters in November and is set to expire Jan. 29. A campground moratorium extension proposed by residents would provide the town another six months to make amendments to the LUO.

According to state law, in municipalities where the legislative body is the town meeting, the Select Board may extend the moratorium for six months after notice and hearing. A public hearing will be held by the Select Board at 5 p.m. on Jan. 20 to discuss an extension.

At the public forum, municipal attorney Richard “Dick” Spencer of Portland-based firm Drummond Woodsum asked a series of questions regarding campgrounds in Tremont. The questions were posed to the more than 50 residents in attendance using Zoom’s polling feature and those in attendance could respond on their electronic devices in real-time. The answers will provide input for Planning Board and Select Board members to help them decide what should be done in the near term.

Of the respondents, 83% thought that the town should have a separate definition for “glampgrounds” or recreation lodging that would be more complete than the traditional campground and tent definition. Nearly the same percentage thought the definition of campgrounds should be expanded to include recreational lodging that would cover all forms of transient accommodations that do not have inside cooking facilities. 

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