Tremont Town Office What defines a campground and how does the definition apply to an application recently received in Tremont, Maine?

On Dec. 14, the Tremont Planning Board tabled the review of an application for 15 cabins under the name Pointy Head in order to seek legal counsel. At issue is whether the Pointy Head project would be considered a campground, according to the Mount Desert Islander.

Voters approved in November a moratorium that puts a six-month hold on the review of campground applications.

According to Pointy Head applicant Madellon “Bunny” Brogdon’s attorney, Ed Bearor, of Rudman Winchell, the application stands on its own and has nothing to do with an application for Pointy Head Campground that had been denied by the Planning Board months ago.

“We all know that there’s a campground moratorium in effect and that we first have to make a decision about whether this is a campground or not before we proceed,” said Planning Board Chair Mark Good.

The site, which Brogdon now refers to as just Pointy Head, includes 15 cabins and a washroom. “We didn’t care what we were called two years ago or even six months ago when we were last in front of you in April,” said Bearor. “We never were a campground.”

The town of Tremont defines a campground as an area or a tract of land that accommodates two or more parties in temporary living quarters, including, but not limited to, tents, RVs or other shelters.

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