David Thomason

A fake Marine who gave Mississippi native and convicted killer Felix Vail a home is now accused of using a Christian charity to bilk a man of an RV park, according to the Jackson Clarion Ledger.

David Thomason portrays himself as a heroic Marine and a generous pastor who aids veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder with his Tree of Light Ministries.

In reality, he is a mail-order minister with no record of serving in the Marines.

A Canyon Lake, Texas, man, Bryan Todd Sympson, is now suing Thomason and his wife, saying they tricked him over the past three years into giving their Tree of Light Ministries at least $336,590 in donations, plus an RV park.

“I feel like a fool, but I’m an honest guy,” Sympson said. “I always try to find the good in people.”

After his accountant informed him that he couldn’t deduct his contributions because the charity wasn’t registered, he said he confronted Thomason, who has since registered the charity with the secretary of state’s office.

Sympson’s lawsuit alleges “Thomason does not run, nor has he run, a genuine Christian ministry. Thomason and (his wife) Sheila Thomason used the funds provided by Sympson for personal gain and personal expenses.”

After Sympson stopped donating, Thomason put a notice on Sympson’s door: “Hello, Brother in Christ, Brother in blood and a true brother as a friend. I am respectly (sic) asked (sic) that we sit down and break bread together and cast the Demon out that has fiercly (sic) tried to devide (sic) us.”

When Sympson wouldn’t meet with him, Thomason put up another notice: “You have 72 hours to vacate this property.” A follow-up notice claimed Sympson, who gave Thomason the RV Park, owed him $15,600.

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