The manager of Madison, Ind.’s city campground said Madison is missing an opportunity to serve more overnight campers by not providing tent camping at its RV park along the Ohio River near Ferry Street, according to the Madison Courier.

Randy Gray told members of the Madison Parks Board Wednesday (Sept. 18) that he receives calls “all the time” from tent campers looking to rent space, but he has to turn them away since the campground only serves RVs. He said the city has space for up to 20 tent sites between the current campground and the river.

“People call every week and I have to turn them down,” Gray said. “We could work up some tent spots on that bottom field along the riverfront.”

Since the area is already being mowed, Gray said the most that would be needed to open tent camping would be a water line to service the area, a couple of portable toilets since the existing bathhouse with toilets and showers is a long walk from the site and some crushed stone to provide a proper access road.

Gray estimated the city could charge $20 to $25 per night to use a tent site and that up to 20 sites could be located in the area.

He said the majority of his existing campers would have no problem with the tents because their site is at a higher elevation and views of the Ohio River would not be blocked.

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