Editor’s Note: Members of the Maryland Association of Campgrounds (MAC)  feared Hurricane Irene would deal them a fatal blow when it struck over the  weekend. But, fortunately, damage was light. Thanks to MAC Executive Director  Deb Carter of Buttonwood Beach Campground who collected and then shared the  following member comments:

From Mike & Debbie Irons, owners Ole Mink Recreation Farm in Thurmont, Md. (western shore of Maryland):   “We just have little limbs down. Lost power at 1:00 AM and it returned about 10:30 AM. We are fine!”

From Ron & Vicki Vitkun, owners, Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in Williamsport, Md. (western shore of Maryland): “We were definitely on the outskirts of the storm – just some rain and a little wind. We had no damage and the weekend went on as usual.”

From Lisa Crouse, marketing manager, Sandy Cove Campground in North East, Md. (eastern shore of Maryland): “We’re doing ok at Sandy Cove – some trees down and loss of power.”

From Mitch Parker, owner, Frontier Town, Ocean City, Md. & Fort Whaley, Whaleyville, Md. (eastern shore of Maryland): “We too escaped with little damage. We are cleaning up branches and leaves today (Monday) and will reopen tomorrow (Tuesday)”

From Patti Pepper, manager/owner, Roaring Point Waterfront Campground, Nanticoke, Md. (eastern shore of Maryland): “We feel incredibly fortunate. We lost our pier in Isabelle. We did not lose it this time!! We had standing water in spots, one screen room damaged and that was all we have found. Our park is higher than surrounding area. Again, we really didn’t know if we would be in business after this. VERY GRATEFUL!!!!”

From Louise at Maple Tree Campground, Gapland Md. (western shore of Maryland): “We were lucky here at Maple Tree, over the mountain, just got some good rain, no damage.”

From Judi and John Durham, Hagerstown KOA, Williamsport, Md. (western shore of Maryland).  After passing along their concerns for everyone else – this was their response: “Thanks to Irene we had a great weekend, lots of hurricane refugees for 3 nights and our restaurant was booming too.”

Mike Gurevich, at Cherry Hill Park, in College Park, Md. “We made it through with all of our trees intact and no damage, but have limited power. We are still running generators for the office, store and conference center.”

From Deb Carter, Buttonwood Beach Campground, Earleville, Md. (on eastern shore of Maryland): “We asked our campers to evacuate Buttonwood starting Thursday. Most did (many grudgingly), about a dozen stayed at the last minute. We had lots of trees down, power/water off for about 12 hours. About 30 units with minor damage and of course roads/storm drain areas needed some work, and of all things it blew down our dumpster fence (because I finally “beautified” it this year – at least that’s what our maintenance crew is telling me!). We were blessed – especially when the storm took a westerly turn and pulled the water out of the Bay instead of forcing it forward. So our boats on dry land made out really well.”