Ed Colbert, the owner of Deer Run Golf Club in Berlin, Md., is very excited about the RV campground he hopes to build directly across from his golf course, pending approval from the necessary Worchester County boards, according to delmarvanow.com.
“We’re going through the process,” Colbert said. “We’re in our third year of work – now we’re just waiting for hearings and things of that nature.”
Colbert’s two-part project includes the development of a 270-lot RV campground as well as the construction of an 86,000-square-foot indoor recreation center.
“There will be no tents, just RVs,” Colbert said. “It’s going to be upscale with amenities.”
The campground will have a variety of trails for jogging and birding, while visitors will also be able to stay busy with the indoor pool and basketball courts to be housed in the recreation center. Colbert is optimistic that a facility such as the one he is proposing, located close to Ocean City will be just what vacationers are seeking.
“With this market, we’re thinking an RV center is just what people need,” he said. “It’s 11 miles from Ocean City, it’s close to Assateague and Chincoteague, and we have a golf course already. It seems like a perfect time for this. We’re excited.”
He added that because the project included the indoor recreation facility, which would be open to the public, it would benefit the entire community.
“It’ll be great for the county and great for the area,” Colbert said.