Webb's Camping

A campground proposal is being considered for a section of the Southern Woodlands Reservation.

On Monday (June 6) afternoon, the Martha’s Vineyard (Mass.) Land Bank commission voted to refer a campground proposal for the Southern Woodlands Reservation to the Oak Bluffs Land Bank advisory board for input, according to the MVTimes.

After deliberation, the commissioners waxed positive toward the concept of a seasonal campground set in a section of the Southern Woodlands Reservation off Barnes Road.

Land Bank Executive Director James Langyel described the pitch as an “unsolicited proposal to resurrect” the old Webb’s campground. The proposal comes from Jacob Weaver, of Boston, who stated in his proposal he wished to create “a low-impact campground with a variety of family-friendly accommodations such as safari-style tents, geodesic domes, and ‘pitch your own tent sites.’”

Weaver indicated his wife’s family made a bid to buy Webb’s campgrounds years ago but were outspent. Weaver’s proposal calls for portable showers and toilets.

As The Times previously reported, Randall and Sarah Spurr, who were abutters, tried to buy Webb’s property, but the land instead went to golf course developers. Those developers were blocked from building a golf course by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Subsequently, the Land Bank acquired the property.

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