Plans for the Sippewissett Campground cleared the Falmouth (Mass.) Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday (March 21), according to CapeNews.net.

The developers plan to bring a new style of camping to Falmouth, with 98 Airstream rentals and 10 canvas tents. Each Airstream will have two beds, a bathroom and a living space. The tents will each offer a queen-sized bed.

Existing structures on the site are slated to be removed, and plans show a 7,900-square-foot clubhouse in the middle of the site. The clubhouse layout shows a foyer, a small convenience shop, a meeting area, and restrooms with showers for the tent guests. Plans also show a parking area with a permeable surface to keep the cars separate from the campsites.

The operator, AutoCamp, runs three other campsites. the Sippewissett campground will be their first location on Cape Cod.

Members of the zoning board noted multiple improvements to the campground, including a reduction in the total number of campsites, from 122 to 108. The new operators will also offer Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA_ compliant campsites.

Abandoning cesspools and adding an innovative alternative septic system will be an improvement to the site, said Terrence Hurrie, chairman of the zoning board of appeals.

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