beaver Creek

The Williamsburg (Mass.) Zoning Board of Appeals held a public hearing on a special permit Tuesday (Aug. 23) that drew more than 60 people who weighed in on a proposed 50-site campground on the Beaver Brook Golf Course property. Owners Chris and Rosana Duval withdrew their plans after the hearing. STAFF PHOTO/BERA DUNAU

Following concerns from multiple residents at a public hearing and calls for a more detailed plan from town officials, the owners of Beaver Brook Golf Course in Williamsburg, Mass., on Tuesday (Aug. 23) night withdrew their request for permission to open a 50-site campground on the property, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Chris Duval, who owns the 183 Main Road golf course with his wife, Rosana, said he will rethink the plans and may resubmit the request for a special permit to the Zoning Board of Appeals in the future.

Their decision to withdraw the request came after a public hearing that lasted more than an hour and drew more than 60 people, many of whom expressed concern about the project for a variety of reasons.

Prior to the public comment period, Chris Duval submitted a new map of where the campsites would be, which significantly moved the tent area away from Solar Circle, which the tents had been near in the initial application. This raised concern with some residents prior to the meeting.

“The only residence this is going to affect is my own,” Duval said.

Duval, who made the request with his wife under the name Equinox Partners LLC, said he thought the property could fit 40-plus sites in Williamsburg, and that they might have to expand into the Northampton part of the property to hit 50.

“I may only put 30,” he said.

The campground project drew opposition in the days leading up to Tuesday’s hearing, with nearly 300 people signing online and paper petitions created by Kyle Rodd and his wife, Alexandra Pinschmidt, who live on Solar Circle.

“Many community members wish to not have it here,” Pinschmidt said.

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