Bookings at private campgrounds in Massachusetts appeared “to slip a little bit” over the autumn from summer, but on the Columbus Day weekend “most campgrounds were overflowing,” according to Paula Carroll, co-executive director of the Massachusetts Association of Campground Owners (MACO).
She gleaned this up tick in business from the approximately 30 people representing 20 campgrounds who attended the MACO membership meeting Oct. 16 at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, Mass. The meeting is held each year after most campgrounds close for the season.
“Maybe the (price of) gas going down helped,” she told Woodall’s Campground Management.
Owners remarked that “Canadian business was up dramatically in the state,” she said, as the strong Canadian dollar makes trips into the U.S. affordable.
MACO continues to work with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on getting more acceptable rates for RV septic systems at campgrounds, Carroll reported.
MACO conducted no formal business during the meeting that was led by MACO President Marcia Galvin but discussed a number of issues of interest to members during a cracker barrel session. Among them were these:

  • The state’s electric suppliers have tacked on an added assessment to create and fund the Massachusetts Technology Coalition for Renewable Energy Trust. Members were curious about the trust and how they might be able to secure funding through it for electrical retrofitting and more energy-efficient work. Carroll said this issue will be explored and a report made back to the membership.
  • Members discussed ways to efficiently and economically dispose of large recyclable waste materials that come through or are generated at their campgrounds. Some discussed attracting outside groups to come in and regularly sort the returnable items and let them make the profit, this removing the time-consuming effort from campground staffs.
    MACO members will assemble formally next March during the Northeast Campground Association (NCA) meeting in Springfield, Mass.