Editors Note: The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the Whitecourt Star, Whitecourt, Alberta. It pertains to the Sagitawah RV Park near Whitecourt, which received notice last month that their application to continue operations through the winter was denied, leaving many tenants confused about the situation. Hammer is a park operator in South Dakota.

Dear Editor,

I stayed at this camp in the winter of ’99-’00 during the construction of the Alliance Pipeline, and was the organizer between the camp and workers.

Due to the camp being open we dozen or so OJ Pipeline employees were able to bring our families and make, for a time, Whitecourt our home.

The management of the camp maintained access, washrooms, provided laundry, propane and was a presence constantly assisting us.

Arguments of ice jams, access and management quality have no value. RVs have wheels. They can move in minutes, do not contain any environmental pollutants and are insured individually and by the camps umbrella policy.

In the nearly 12 years since I left the construction industry and purchased the Beaver Lake Campground I have had issues with governing bodies and other lodging industries. Is there a lobby or conflicting interest in Whitecourt to this camp?

In those years we have always spoken highly of this camp to our many Alaska bound visitors. I will now do so more rigorously, but suggest they do their other business elsewhere, unless the operator of Sagitawah informs me the local community business operators come to their support.

Max and Cindy Hammer

Custer, S.D.