MCPS for Campgrounds, the credit/debit card processor, which in August announced that it was offering electronic funds transfer for the campground industry, is set to offer its own payment gateway called Zoomgate.

The new gateway, which is an Internet-based, real time credit/debit card application, will allow campgrounds to use computers instead of POS terminals as a method of processing both credit card and debit cards for their retail or MOTO operations. The product can be a “virtual terminal” to use in any computer where the Internet can be utilized, according to a news release.

MCPS is demonstrating the new program this week at the Outdoor Hospitality Expo in Savannah, Ga. MCPS will be in booth 715 at the show with a laptop computer to demonstrate Zoomgate. MCPS will also be explaining the cost effectiveness of utilizing Electronic Funds Transfer instead of credit cards for recurring billing and for seasonal campers who wish to pay monthly for their site, said Art Lieberman, president of MCPS.

The firm also will be exhibiting at the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association convention Dec. 5-7 in Erie, Pa.

More Details

Zoomgate can act as a gateway into their reservation programs. Both Leisure Interactive’s Hercules Program and RMS of North America are both already set up for the Zoomgate application. Best of all, users of the new program will not have to pay a set-up or transaction fees in addition to processing fees.

Perhaps, most importantly, there is no software installation required to utilize the application. After becoming a customer of MCPS for Campgrounds, owners will be assigned a user name and a password and then can log into the internet site and begin using the application.

With the addition of a Magtek reader plugged into a USB port to swipe cards and a Verifone Pin-pad 1000 SE plugged into a serial port, a computer becomes a complete credit card terminal to process every type of transaction.

These types of transactions are less of a security risk than utilizing mobile devices such as cell phones for transactions, said Lieberman. If a campground already has a computer, then the cost of a POS terminal is virtually eliminated. If they already have a terminal, the device can be attached to the computer instead of a Magtek reader with a USB cable.

MCPS has also announced that the application is available to developers to design their own customizable interfaces, making Zoomgate the ideal solution for adding payment capabilities to any other application. Developers would receive access to the Payment APIs, a sample code for integrating the program, 24/7 access to the test site, the PCIDSS/PA DSS compliance program and access to the developer documentation.

“This is so exciting,” said Lieberman. “In the past few months several campgrounds had asked about how to set up remote locations, some at campground entrances, to handle credit card transactions.”

“This is one of the few applications available that permits pin debit transactions,” added Deanne Bower, vice president of MCPS. “Those are the least expensive transactions when the transaction is over $50.”“Zoomgate completes us,” he explained. “Now we have all the services a processor can offer: check guarantee, gift and loyalty cards, POS equipment, First Funds (cash advances against future credit card processing), our Scrip ATM machine, eMerchantSupport, a program which permits owners to view their transactions on the web, our PCI compliance program which not only enable owners access to the PCI Compliance questionnaire but offers a $50,000 indemnification program, our EFT program and, now, our own gateway.”

MCPS for Campgrounds is sponsored by Woodforest Naitonal Bank NA of The Woodlands, Texas, an acquiring bank for Visa, MasterCard and Discover. They are members of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) Supplier Council and 14 other state and regional campground associations as well as members of the National Ski Area Association and the Outdoor Industry Association. The company is a strategic partner with Best Parks in America.

For more information, call (877) 858-9010, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.mcpsforcampgrounds.com.