The Cecil County (Md.) Planning Commission unanimously approved an amendment Monday night (March 20) altering the county’s zoning regulations of campgrounds and RV parks, sending the proposed change to the county council for final approval, the Cecil Whig reported.

Current law mandates that campground patrons can spend no more than 150 days in a calendar year at the campground, but this amendment would replace that with a new rule that campgrounds close for the season between Nov. 1 and March 31 of each year.

“No camp patrons shall use a campground or a campground’s facilities during the closure period,” the amendment reads.

Planning and Zoning Director Eric Sennstrom said that the amendment was drafted to ease the enforcement of the non-permanent residency restriction at campgrounds. As it stands now, residents can come and go as they please — so long as they don’t exceed 150 days — but it’s difficult to track how often residents visit their campground, he explained.

County Council President Joyce Bowlsbey said she expected the amendment to stir controversy. In recent years, residents of the Indian Acres campground in Earleville have actively voiced frustration with the campground zoning.