Patty Regan, full-time resident of the White Horse Park campground subdivision, expressed frustration that she and other full-time residents did not get a chance to speak to the Worcester County (Md.) Commissioners face-to-face on Tuesday (Sept. 17).

The possibility that White Horse Park residents would be able to live at the seasonal campground subdivision full-time ended Tuesday (Sept. 17), when the Worcester County (Md.) Commissioners rejected a proposed zoning code amendment that would have treated the property as a hybrid residential zone, according to the Herald-Mail.

On behalf of Susan Napachowski and Sally Connolley, attorney Hugh Cropper submitted an amendment to allow full-time residents as of June 2018 to continue living at the park until the property owner ceases to live there full time, dies or sells the unit.

Commissioner Josh Nordstrom, of the Pocomoke district, offered to sign the bill, but Commissioner Jim Bunting, who represents the area where the park is located, moved to reject it and earned a quick second from Snow Hill district Commissioner Ted Elder.

White Horse Park, which is situated next to Ocean Pines, has 465 units, with all of them subject to the county zoning code’s seasonal occupation restriction on campgrounds. Nevertheless, 60 of these units are owned by full-time residents, Napachowski said.

The attempt to allow these residents to remain there legally, however, ran into trouble almost immediately, when the Worcester County Planning Commission on Sept. 5 decided that the proposed zoning code change would create an unworkable situation.

In ruling unfavorably on the measure, planning commission members agreed that regulating full-time residents would be an enormous task and that the park infrastructure is not equipped to handle full-time residents.

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