Before Clinton Crowder fires up his scooter, he knows to take precautions at his home in Texas’s Rio Grand Valley.

“I’ve been in several parks in the Valley and it’s happened in almost every one of the parks one time or the other,” he told KGBT-TV, Harlingen, Texas, reported.

Clinton’s talking about burglaries.

The Orange Grove RV Park on Orange Grove Road south of La Feria has had eight burglaries since August 22nd.

Clinton has lived at the park for three years.

He said all of his Winter Texan friends were victimized while still living up North.

Cameron County Deputy Constable Armando Gonzalez from Precinct 7 said those responsible broke through different sections of the park’s chain link fence.

Once inside, they smashed windows to gain entry into eight different mobile homes, according to Gonzalez.

Property losses are estimated to be as high as $15,000.

In one case, the suspect took the keys and title to a vehicle before driving it out of the RV park.

That stolen vehicle was later traced back to a man identified by authorities as Ever Sagaon-Melchor.

Investigators said he sold the vehicle, title and all, to a family in Donna for just over a grand.

Police in Weslaco found the stolen vehicle.

The occupants reportedly later helped to identify Sagaon-Melchor as the man who sold it to them.

The suspect is a known gang member from Mexico, according to law enforcement.

He has an Immigration and Customs Enforcement or I.C.E. detainer on him because authorities report Sagaon-Melchor is in the country illegally.

Deputy Constable Gonzalez said all burglary victims have been notified.

All of them were shocked to hear the news, he said.

“People that come down here for a couple of months… Have a nice little home in the Valley and you have these criminals that are out there destroying as you guys can see.”

The broken portions of the park’s chain link fence have been repaired.

Clinton said he’s doing his part to protect his friends’ property.

“I’ve opened curtains at night and every time I’m up I’m looking over the campgrounds.”

Anyone with information on Ever Sagaon-Melchor’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Cameron County Constable Department Precinct 7 at (956) 797-1180.

It’s believed at least two other people were working with Sagaon-Melchor at the time of the burglaries.

He faces eight counts of burglary of a habitation and one count of vehicle theft.