Meyer CEO Jeff Braun addresses MegaShow attendees.

Feedback from vendors was characterized as “extremely positive” at the Meyer RV MegaShow, held Jan 8-9 at French Lick Springs Hotel in French Lick, Ind.

While Jasper, Ind.-based Meyer Distributing – a leader in specialty products marketing and distribution – has held online shows in the RV market before, this was its first physical show.

“From both a company and personal perspective I was extremely happy with the results,” Jason Lents, RV/towing sales manager, told RVBusiness. “I had the opportunity to talk to dealers and vendors, and they were nothing but complimentary. Everyone was very positive. The dealers were loving the deals. The vendors were very good to work with. It was a win-win-win for the dealers, the vendors and Meyer.”

There were 95 vendors and 145 dealerships represented at the show, coming from all across the U.S. The venue made it possible to lay out the show to allow lots of space and private rooms.

“We received a lot of compliments both on location and the fact that we did not pressure (the dealers and vendors.) We kept the size manageable and, to an extent, intimate. We didn’t want to make the dealers feel that they had so much space to cover that it was a burden,” Lents said.

Another live show will be planned for next year, but the online E-Meyer Mega Show (EMMS) will still be in the mix for dealers who don’t have the ability to travel to shows for follow-up orders, Lents said.

The EMMS starts today (Monday, Jan. 13) and runs for two weeks during which time dealers can save money and earn extra rewards.

“This (EMMS) is something we’ve done for several years and our RV dealers love it,” Lents said. “And many also love the physical show, both for the personal relationships and the ability to see firsthand the new products.”

New products creating a buzz at the MegaShow were the King Wi-Fi cell booster, the DuoForm thermal shield skylight vent shade and the Curt BetterWeight system, which many dealers had not seen.

Lents also said the company will be making some big announcements soon moving into its second show that will “garner excitement” in the industry.

“We are very good about listening to our vendors, listening to our dealers, and what their needs and expectations are, and making adjustments as necessary,” Lents said. “We do a lot of things right, but if there is something we can do better, we are always willing to take a look at this. We at Meyer are in this for the long haul.  This is not a one and done type thing. We have an excellent team  and we are excited to see what this year brings and we are looking to many years ahead.”

As for the first physical RV MegaShow?

“We planned this out to get the right dealer mix, the right vendor mix and the number of people. This was our first show and we wanted it to be right,” Lents said.