The Iron River, Mich., city council voted to name the Iron River RV Park after former city official Klint Safford.

The Iron County Reporter said that during an Oct. 16 meeting, the Iron River City Council approved a request to rename it the Klint Safford Memorial RV Park.

Safford was Iron River’s city manager from 1974 to 1980 and served as a commissioner for many years after that.

In 1990, he proposed development of a former wetlands area into an RV park, helped by a DNR grant and the area’s inclusion into the DDA zone. It was built, and the Chamber of Commerce moved its office into the RV park building in 1992.

“The Iron River RV park is now a point of pride for the city,” said Dawn Pisoni, who made the presentation, “but if it weren’t for Klint’s vision and perseverance, the park would never have happened.”

Pisoni said Safford’s family is willing to pay for an appropriate sign at the RV park.

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