Alpena County

Alpena County, Mich., offers a variety of ways to camp. Credit: Alpena County

The three campgrounds owned by Alpena County, Mich., are already half occupied by seasonal campers who pay to spend the entire camping season on a site, according to The Alpena News.

That is good news for the campgrounds and county because it generates large amounts of guaranteed revenue, but it makes it more difficult for campers who only want to spend a few days over a weekend to reserve sites, especially on holidays or other popular weekends.

The county owns Long Lake Park, Beaver Lake Park, and Sunken Lake Park, but the parks, for the most part, aren’t subsidized by the county’s general fund and depend on site rentals to help pay the bills and pay for improvements.

All of the parks have seen an uptick in campers the last several years, but with that, it makes reserving lots that aren’t occupied by seasonable campers a challenge.

Commissioner John Kozlowski, who sits on the Alpena County Parks and Recreation Commission, said the parks are allowed to rent 50% of their lots for seasonal campers. He said lowering that percentage could open more sites for other campers who don’t stay as long, but he isn’t sure how the parks and county would decide to break the news to those who have sites now, that they would lose their sites.

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