With the holiday season underway, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is highlighting easy opportunities to support Michigan’s great outdoors. UpMatters.com reported that this year outdoor enthusiasts can consider making a contribution to a favorite park, trail or boating site to help maintain their favorite corners of Michigan for future generations.

Through the Giving Guide, outdoor enthusiasts can help improve and preserve Michigan state parks and recreation areas, trails and waterways. The Giving Guide, established this year, helps Michigan state parks and recreation areas raise funds for featured projects.

“Many outdoor enthusiasts want to give back to the places they love most and to leave a lasting legacy,” said Miguel Rodriguez, promotional agent at the DNR. “While not every opportunity to give is included, this online tool can help donors understand the breadth of options available and provide instructions for donating. Our goal is for each donor to be able to make a personal connection to the projects they are funding.”

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