The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has dropped a $4-a-day fee for storing RVs on sites during the week.
At participating parks, people who pay to camp on Friday and Saturday nights can leave their units on site from Sunday through Thursday for free, then come back to the campground the next weekend. Camping costs $19-21 a night with electric hookup, according to the Bay City (Mich.) Times.
”It sounds like a swell idea to me,” said retiree Dennis Tressic, who had his 39-foot fifth-wheel parked under trees at the park on Sept. 26.
He lives in Bay City, about 3 1/2 miles from the park.
His trailer has four slide-outs, which makes for comfortable camping. But setting up, tearing down and then packing up the unit after a couple of days can be a bummer, he said.
”That’s the worst part,” said Tressic.
Leaving his rig on site, with the jacks in place, the awning out and carpets on the ground makes camping a lot more fun, he said.