In this file photo, high school graduates camp at Holland State Park

Campers at Michigan state parks this year will likely see a trio of changes when it comes to the firewood bundles available for sale at the campgrounds.

Last year, there was grumbling among both the tent and RV crowds when Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) leaders said they were working on new restrictions that might mean campers would have to buy their firewood in the park from an approved vendor, or bring in only wood that was certified as heat-treated for emerald ash borer, according to MLive.com.

Many in the state’s large camping contingent were not happy at the possibility they might be told they couldn’t bring firewood from home or snag a few bundles from the mom-and-pop vendors that dot the roads leading to the parks.

But that new firewood policy never materialized.

This year, the DNR is focused on improving the firewood being offered at the parks. The aim is two-fold: Create happier campers by offering better bundles in the park and keep up the pressure on stopping invasive species that can hitchhike onto state land via firewood. These pests can decimate trees wherever they set up their news homes.

“We are trying to encourage people to buy wood when they get there,” Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson said.

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