Following protests against adding RV and overnight camping to West Side County Park, Allegan County commissioners in western Michigan have backed away from specific plans there.

Improvements are still in the works, however; commissioners voted unanimously April 12 to hire a professional planner to determine the cost and feasibility of a variety of improvements, the Allegan County News reported.

That was only after hearing criticisms of a county parks commission proposal that specifically estimated that a 20- to 30-space overnight campground could bring in revenue and benefit the area.

Lake Michigan Shore Association Board Member John Gottlick said the county would run into difficulties in running a campground, including paying for 24-hour staffing, security and simply fitting a facility of that magnitude into the park’s estimated 5 acres of open space.

“And with 30 campers, that’s about four people per camper here overnight, using Lake Michigan,” Gottlick said, adding crowds would likely flaunt many county park rules. “It’s naive to think people will not be consuming alcohol, not enjoying themselves and not making a certain amount of noise.”

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