Kibby Creek Campground

Credit: CampLife

A social media scam has put Kibby Creek Campground in Ludington, Mich., and at least one craft vendor in a tough spot after conning the vendor out of $45 to register for an event that does not exist, according to the Ludington Daily News.

The event was posted on Facebook as “Crazy Daisy Christmas Bazaar,” claiming to be at Kibby Creek Dec. 11-12. No such event has been planned by the campground, which is currently closed for the season.

Kibby Creek’s owners are hoping to get the word out about the scam to make sure nobody else is targeted, according to David Lundin, manager at the park.

“We had nothing to do with it, and we never planned on it,” Lundin told the Daily News.

If enough people have been victims of the scam, Lundin said Kibby Creek is open to the idea of hosting an impromptu craft fair to prevent it from being a total loss for any vendors who might have been taken advantage of.

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