Northland Outfitters

A photo collection of Northland Outfitters. Credit: Northland Outfitters

The Campground Connection has announced the sale of Northland Outfitters and Two Loons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Levi and Durea Brady are making the journey from Denver, Colo. to Germfask, Mich., to take over the operation of Northland Outfitters. 

“We are excited to begin this new venture!” they relayed in a press release. “We will be adding some new park model RVs, ATVs and upgrading the infrastructure”.

Northland Outfitters caters to families that love floating the river by canoe or kayak, ATVing the area’s trails or simply relaxing in the riverside campground. 

For Leon and Donna Genre, the owners for the past eleven years, this is a bittersweet time.

“Levi and Durea worked very hard to make their dream come true and we wish them much joy and success,” noted Levi and Durea Brady. The Campground Connection

Two Loons is located on the shores of Lake Superior. Staci, who is a longtime local in the area is excited to begin her new job in the restaurant serving locals and visitors. 

“We have been working diligently to get it all painted and pretty, we’re on target to be open by Memorial Day,” noted Staci, who comes from a family who has owned various businesses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

You can learn more about The Campground Connection by going to www.TheCampgroundConnection.com or calling 616-430-2636.