A program that aims to generate more money for Michigan State Parks begins Friday (Oct. 1), the Toledo (Ohio) Blade reported.

Michigan residents will be given the option to buy annual “recreation passports” for an additional $10 with their vehicle registration fees.

The passports will allow access to all of Michigan’s 98 state parks and recreation areas and boat launches.

Their cost will be indexed to inflation starting in 2012.

State residents currently are charged $6 a day or $24 for an annual pass.

The passport won’t be offered to out-of-state residents. They will continue to be charged $29 a year or $8 a day, officials said.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment expects roughly 50% participation in the passport program. If owners of half of Michigan’s 7.5 million passenger vehicles pay the $10, it will bring in more than $35 million — nearly three times as much as the park system gets now in a typical year from vehicle and boating access fees, officials said.