One of the many carvings at Mom & Pop's RV park in Farmington, N.M.

Mom & Pop’s RV Park in Farming, N.M., caught the attention of the blogger who maintains www.bebravebebold.com.

The blogger, who travels the U.S. in a 36-foot RV named Cricket, writes in a recent web posting, “Mom & Pop’s RV Park is run by Dennis Ryan, an 81-year-old who happens to be an industrious figurine sculptor. The park office is a tiny corner in his toy workshop, and he displays his creations in glass cases – both for sale and for show. Check out this article on Pop’s miniatures.

“The best part, though, is the railroad track he has set up in the front yard. The miniature settings start with the homesteading of the Wild West, and move forward in history to iconic ‘Main Street’ images.”

Click here to see a slide show of Ryan’s handiwork.