Douglas County

Douglas County, Minn., looking at zoning changes aimed at campgrounds and RV parks. Credit: Jed Carlson/Superior Telegram

Douglas County, Minn., officials are considering significant changes to the county’s zoning ordinance, according to the Superior Telegram.

Changes include adding two new zoning districts and completely rewriting regulations for signs and campgrounds, as well as some minor changes to reflect that the county replaced its zoning administrator with a land services director.

The revisions were made to address emergent issues in the county, such as captive cervid operations and campgrounds, said Tessah Behlings, Douglas County zoning coordinator. She said it also addresses Douglas County’s currently unenforceable sign ordinance and brings it in line with current legal standards.

Changes to the sign ordinance regulate the number, location, size, illumination type and other physical characteristics of signs in a matter that preserves the right of free speech and expression. In some cases, the current ordinance regulates signs by the type of message it conveys.

“If the presented ordinance passes, I anticipate a smaller revision in the spring or summer of 2022 to address any specific concerns,” Behlings said.

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