Camp Maiden Rock West is a 40 acre summertime paradise; Shangri-La in Morristown, Minn., and it made the “Best of SoMinn” list published by SouthernMinn.com.

Set right along the Cannon River, Maiden Rock West can feel like it’s a thousand miles from anywhere, instead of just off of Highway 60 in Morristown. The beautiful, heavy tree lines provide for naturally secluded campsites and recreation areas. Those campsites, by the way are extra-large, so you don’t have to hear the guy in the next tent snoring five feet from your ear.

There’s plenty to do at Maiden Rock, too, including a brand new disc golf course, Maiden Shade. There’s also a fantastic heated swimming pool with showers, a kids’ playground, volleyball, basketball, and horseshoes, mini-golf, canoeing and fishing, biking and hiking trails that are connected to the Sakata Trail

Maiden Rock will work with you whether you want a space for the month, the night, a week, or the whole freakin’ summer. There’s just no better place in SoMinn to enjoy a little time communing with nature.

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