The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to develop new campsites, cabins, and sanitation facilities in an area not prone to flooding in Whitewater State Park, the Winona Daily News reported.

The new campground would include 45 to 50 new campsites with electric service, four cabins, three group camps and two new sanitation facilities. The campground would be near Hwy. 74 and the main entrance of the park, and would replace an existing campground. If the project goes through, Gooseberry Glen would be closed and used as a daytime area, because the area is prone to flooding, project manager Jade Templin said.

The project is currently going through an environmental review process to identify potential significant impacts to the area — in which case a more extensive environmental review would need to be done. If none are found the project would go on to the permitting stage.

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