Hosting a garage sale is hard enough, but try planning one without a garage. 

Seasonal residents at Prairie Island Campground  in Winona, Minn., lugged out their wares on June 13 for a garage sale, without the garage, according to the Winona Daily News

It didn’t go as well as some would have hoped – although the sale worked out better than a previous attempt. And it gave campers a chance to visit with neighbors and meet new friends. 

“At least we have the pavilion,” Gwen Jacobs said. 

Jacobs and her sister, Lori Phillips, held a joint sale and sold some home decor items. But their most popular good was doughnuts. 

Jacobs and Phillips, from Winona’s East End, both have permanent sites at the campground. 

“It’s just like being at home,” Jacobs said, “but away from all the commotion.” 

The two women, like a lot of people at the park, tried selling VHS tapes. The outdated technology wasn’t selling very well, Jacobs said.

Nevertheless, the sale attracted curious shoppers to the campground. 

“Who can pass up a garage sale?” asked Linda Thill of Winona. 

Thill didn’t find anything worth buying after making stops at two of the sales. 

The campground-wide sale was organized by campground manager Russ Hoesley at the suggestion of a camper. 

It was the second sale organized by Hoesley. 

The first one was three years ago, but bad weather spoiled the sale, Hoesley said. 

After this year’s good weather and turnout, Hoesley said, he would like to make the campground sale an annual event.